Tackling bed bugs at home: The 101-guide for help

Let’s agree on one thing- No one wants to live with bed bugs. Contrary to what many people believe, bed bugs don’t eat wood like termites but instead survive on blood. Humans and animals are the prime sources of food for these tiny blood-sucking pests. What can you possibly do about the situation? Does alcohol kill bed bugs? How much does pest control cost? Should you consider seeking help? In this 101-guide, we are discussing all that matters.

Finding bed bugs

Since bed bugs survive on blood, these insects are the most active at night. You may not find bed bugs in the daytime, but that doesn’t mean much. Look for other signs. For instance, you may find unexplained bite marks on your body. It can take days for the bite mark to appear at times. Other signs include small blood stains on the pillowcases, sheets, and linens. 

Alcohol and bed bugs

While you can technically kill bed bugs with isopropyl alcohol, it may not be the most effective practice. Only 50% of these insects would die from being exposed to alcohol. Yes, you could kill a few bed bugs that are visible to you, but that wouldn’t get rid of these pests. People often use rubbing alcohol to clean their bed and furniture pieces. While that can get rid of the smell of these bugs, rubbing alcohol is flammable, and it may not be the safest practice. 

Professional pest control

If you suspect bed bugs at home, call pest control immediately. Typically, these companies will send their team to check the house, and if there are no immediate signs of bed bugs, they may use monitoring devices. If infestation is real, they may rely on various methods. Many pest control companies rely on EPA-registered chemicals, which can get rid of the infestation. Multiple sessions are usually needed, which may also involve fumigation, cryogenic freezing, and heat treatments. Heat treatments are only used if the pest control company finds them safe.

 The costs

It depends on whether you are dealing with a serious situation. Getting rid of bed bugs can take time, which is precisely why many pest control companies charge a price based on the number of treatments required. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, and at the end of the day, you would want to restore your sleep, for which bed bugs must be eliminated. 

Get professional help for bed bugs!

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