Here’s what you need to know about black garden ants

Like many residents of Massachusetts, you may have found black garden ants roaming on your property, especially in areas like the garden and backyard. While not particularly poisonous to humans, people often have their reservations about these hard-working insects. If you have pets or kids at home, you may feel more threatened than others. Here’s an overview of the black garden ant with things worth knowing. 

Knowing black garden ants

Typically, two types of species are found in Massachusetts. The first species of black garden ants live in forested areas, while the second species can be found in the open. You may be surprised to know that these ants have venom reservoirs, although they don’t sting like many other species. Instead, black garden ants eject the venom, but the venom is not a threat to humans. However, if an ant manages to eject formic acid into an open wound or cut, you could feel some discomfort, almost like a burning sensation. These ants usually thrive on sweet secretions from aphids and are mostly found in the garden. 

Well, black garden ants are unique!

Did you know that black garden ants practice social distancing? Yes, that’s right. If they fear a contagion, they would go into hiding and stay away from other ants, especially the queen. As such, people with little experience in pest control often find it hard to control these insects. Your best bet would be to find the nest site and pour some boiling water.  

Should you call a pest control service?

The short answer is yes. While black garden ants are not a serious threat to humans, it’s best to be safe, especially if you have little kids playing in the yard. A professional pest control service knows what it takes to use insecticides effectively, and more importantly, they can ensure that all safety measures are adhered to. Also, many exterminators are now relying on products that are safer for the planet and other animals, and that’s a big advantage. 

Final word

As for the cost of pest control services, it depends on the extent of the infestation. Because black garden ants are usually found outdoors, the work is not that extensive, and the exterminator will give you an estimate in advance. With professional pest control, you can expect to get a warranty on the job, and if black garden ants return to the same area, they can assist for free.

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