Luxurious And Instagrammable Restaurant Design Ideas

The best way to attract Instagrammers is to use bold wallpaper, and a wall covered with wallpaper is a definite must-have for the Instagram generation. In addition to bold colors, choose floor decals that feature inspirational texts or phrases. Using vintage mirrors and neon lights is another classic choice for the best restaurant interior design. Listed below are some other ideas for a restaurant’s interior design. These ideas can help you turn your restaurant into a photogenic place.

Art Deco glam with industrial style

If you want to make a statement in your restaurant, look to the past for inspiration. One of America’s most famous examples of Art Deco is Radio City Music Hall, a landmark that is still a popular destination for live music, with brass grilles in the restrooms and soaring artwork. In the 1920s, this style was all the rage, infusing interiors with glitz and grace. Today, it’s regaining popularity as designers draw inspiration from this era.

The color green is synonymous with life, nature, and hope. Incorporating green into your design will infuse your space with dynamism and freshness. While green is the color of nature, petrol and blue-green exude a modern, fresh feel. Of course, gold is the ultimate color, and metallic colors play a significant role in Art Deco styles. They represent luxury in a subtle way and are also appropriate for a variety of tastes and environments.

Flexible wall decor

For luxury restaurant design ideas, consider flexible wall decor. Choose any thematic canvas print, acrylic sign, or brick wallpaper. Brick wallpaper looks great in combination with illuminated decor. Consider the conceptual wall art for an upscale restaurant design. Japanese Ukiyo-e murals can complement the style and cuisine of the establishment. For even more unique decor, choose to display a work of art outside the building. It will enhance the aesthetics of the establishment, while also giving local artists exposure.

Felt is another fun, flexible fabric for wall decoration. Felt fabric is soft and easy to cut. This material has a rich history in interior design but has been almost forgotten these days. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly. You can create your own beautiful wall art using felt fabric, which is also a great choice for restaurants. And, it’s a fun way to make your walls stand out from the crowd.

Typography as decor

Incorporate typography into your design ideas. Choose fonts that can create images of the food you serve and invoke the word “luxury” in your customers’ minds. For example, you may choose Didot typeface, which was named after a family in France. Its fine, thick stems and smooth curves make it ideal for a restaurant logo. Didot is also known as the most expensive typeface.

Another way to incorporate typography is to use it in your interiors. Bold graphic displays, like marquee letters, are always a hit. Consider putting up a chalk mural to tell guests about your brand. You can even have a custom message written in neon letters. Another fun way to incorporate typography into your design is to use chalk as a temporary wall covering. Chalk can be used to display daily specials boards and the full menu.

Accent wall

Accent walls are a great way to add a dramatic effect to a contemporary restaurant. They are also functional, serving as dividers between separate seating areas. For an organic touch, use green plants to soften the hard planks. Incorporating an accent wall in a restaurant can also add intrigue to a wood-floored interior. Listed below are some ideas for accent walls that will make any dining space stand out.

Themes are another way to add ambiance to your dining area. Use accent colors that play off the source of illumination to create a vibrant atmosphere. Wall shelves can add a touch of glamor to an accent wall. Accent walls can also complement your design style and family lifestyle. For an upscale restaurant, choose a mural that matches the cuisine or style of the dining area. You can even display the mural outside the building for extra impact.

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