How to Pack Your Dishware or China in A Moving Box

Expensive dishware and Fine China are the last things you want to lose during moving. Unfortunately, many people do not know the right way to pack dishware and china without breaking them. If you are reading this article, there is a high chance you want to know the right way to pack these expensive and valuable pieces. If so, you have come to the right place. The best way to do this is to consider Drop-a-Box Moving for safe packing and moving. However, if you have to do it yourself, here is how you safely pack dishware and china in a box.

Before you start packing, you must have all the packing supplies you need. Some moving supplies you need are packing papers, tape, a permanent marker, heavy and small duty moving boxes, and a utility knife. If you think you are ready to start packing, let us go directly to the procedure.

  1. Find a Clean and Clear Packing Area

The dining table can be the perfect place for packing if it is big enough. Clean the surface and remove everything else on the table to ensure you have enough room to handle the fragile items. If there is enough room, set aside an area for every type of dishware. This will help if you are working with another person. You can be handling the cups while the other person wraps the plates.

  1. Group Items by Size

We advise grouping the dishware according to size to make it easy to wrap. Stack the same sizes to maximize space and prevent shifting. After stacking, cut pieces of packing paper, enough to cover each piece at a time. Make sure you wrap every piece separately and stack them together. Check the dish rack or dishwasher to ensure you do not leave behind anything.

  1. Add Packing Paper Inside Cups and Bowls

It is ideal to add pieces of packing paper to the hollow items like cups and bowls. The paper provides extra cushioning such that the items cannot break during transit. So, create small balls with the packing paper and place them inside the cups and bowls for an extra layer of stuffing.

  1. Use Packing Material to Line the Bottom of the Box

After you are done wrapping dishware, we recommend using bubble wrap or other safe packing materials at the bottom of the box. The material will provide extra padding at the bottom and on the side. Remember to select the right box for the pieces. Depending on the size of your china, choose boxes for plates, cups, bowls, and glassware. Some of these boxes are specially designed to carry specific items.

  1. Carefully Pack the Items

Pack every item where it belongs. We advise starting with the large pieces and finishing with the small ones. Overpacking the boxes will only bring a disaster. You can then seal the boxes and label them carefully. While at it, do not forget to add extra tape at the bottom of every box for extra safety.

To Wrap It Up!

These are simple steps for packing dishware and china. We hope they are essential and will help you avoid breaking your valuable pieces the next time you move.


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