The Art of Hassle-Free Moving: Proven Strategies for Success

Relocation might seem simple, but it’s not. It involves many essential but daunting tasks, from sorting, packing, labeling, transportation, and unpacking. The process gets more complicated as you must prepare everything before the moving day. As such, using various proven strategies to help you achieve a hassle-free move would be best. 

Here are the proven strategies for hassle-free moving.

1. Hire a professional moving company 

Hiring a professional moving company such as Molloy Bros. Moving is essential for a hassle-free move. You’ll get expert assistance to handle and move all your items safely to your new address. 

A moving company will help you achieve a hassle-free move in the following ways:    

  • Handle the heavy lifting: The moving company will lift, load, and unload all the heavy items like tables, desks, and fridges. They will help you move them up and down the stairs and position them in your new house.
  • Reduce risks: Lifting heavy items poses the risk of injuries or damage. But if you hire a professional mover, the risk will reduce as they have the right experience to maneuver your items.
  • Insures your items: if your stuff gets damaged when moving, a moving company will take responsibility as they have insurance coverage. You’ll be free from financial losses or damages when moving.

2. Make a list 

Moving can be a complex process with lots of activities. As such, you can forget some crucial details, ruining the whole process. The best approach to avoid the remembrance hassle is to have a checklist. The list will help you plan and arrange all the activities. It will enable you to keep up with time and know when to seek assistance. 

3. Declutter in advance 

Before you start packing, declutter your belongings. Sort out the unnecessary items that you no longer need to save time packing and reduce the hassle of carrying them. You can sell or donate the items instead of stuffing your new place. Selling the items will help you get money to cover the moving expenses.

4. Start packing early 

Packing in advance will remove the hassle of dealing with many things on a moving day. You can have a packing plan and gather all the packing supplies in advance. Ensure the supplies have all the necessary features to protect your items and get extra boxes for emergencies.

Have a packing list to ensure you don’t make packing mistakes or forget some items. Avoid over-packing or placing heavy items on top of the lighter ones. Doing that can damage your properties and will require more effort in lifting them.

5. Label the boxes

Labeling your boxes after packing is an essential tip for a hassle-free move. It makes loading and unpacking the boxes safe and effective. Your movers will know where to place each item and how to handle the boxes.

6. Have a survival kit 

Having your essential items is crucial for a stress-free move. It will remove the hassle of getting the things or being uncomfortable without them. Such stuff includes toiletries, phone chargers, water, medications, etc. So, as you pack, ensure you put such items in a survival kit that is easily accessible.


Now that you have the above realistic and proven strategies, you can organize your move. Just take it one step at a go as you apply the tips at each stage until you complete the process. Doing that will make your move hassle-free, safe, and comfortable.

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