What You Should Do In Your Garden In Fall

Fall is a wonderful season to do many gardening and landscaping tasks. It has adequate weather that is somehow just right for your garden.

While a lot of people tend to focus on cleaning out their gardens during this time, there are also many other ways you can maintain your lawn as well as your plants. If you want to learn how you can maximize your gardening during fall, here are five things you should try.

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  1. Check Your Soil

One of the top things you need to consider for a successful garden is to have a perfectly maintained soil. That means renovating or overseeding your lawn from time to time. The optimal soil pH is usually around 6.0 to 6.5. You can determine your soil’s pH balance by requesting an extension service from your town or city. However, it is best if you would hire a professional to do this for you instead. Consider a professional gardening service like Amico to do a soil test as well as other maintenance tasks to ensure that your lawn is in perfect condition.

  1. Schedule A Clean Out

Cleaning your garden is a necessary step to ensure its overall health. Now and then, pests and diseases can accumulate and end up killing your plants. If you want to avoid this incident altogether, keep a regular cleaning schedule to remove old plant debris and other dirt in your garden. You can use these to start a compost pile, assuming there are no bacteria present. Or, you can remove it completely out of your property.

Aside from your lawn and garden beds, take the time to clean your driveway and garden paths. Use a power washer to clean any dirt and build-up on concrete paths and fix any cracks by applying a sealant. Once you’re done with cleaning different areas of your lawn, move on to cleaning your gardening tools. This is a task you should regularly be doing anyway, so don’t forget to do it during this fall season.

  1. Plant Those Flowers

Fall is one of the best seasons to plant your bulbs. If you can’t plant them somewhere in your garden permanently, store them in a cool and dry place, at least. Choose between a wide range of florals such as tulips, daffodils, iris, and hyacinths which all have beautiful hues that compliments the spring season.

  1. Do Some Landscaping

Most soils are in their best conditions during fall, making landscaping a much easier task than during the rest of the year. Take this opportunity to focus on the aesthetics of your garden by landscaping. Construct new plant boxes or repair and clean old ones.  If you want to focus more on gardening, you can entrust the landscaping to your friendly gardeners Balmain from Amico for a more professional finish.

  1. Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Finally, if you can’t do all of these fall tasks, make sure to at least prepare your yard for the coming winter. Bring in your freshly cleaned tools together with your sprinklers and hoses. Don’t leave any tool or garden accessory outside as the harsh winter weather can damage them.

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Final Word

Fall is a great time to do a lot of cleaning and preparation for the winter season. Make sure that your garden is ready for the harsh temperatures so they can survive beautifully until the next season.

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