4 Easy Carport Maintenance Tips Anyone Can Do

Carports are a simple and economical way to protect your vehicle with an Arrow carport from the worst exposure to the elements. From hailstones and snow to harsh sunlight and bird droppings, many overhead challenges can cause damage to your car if you do not provide this basic protection. 

However, these simple structures require some basic maintenance to retain their functionality and prolong their life. Here are some of the most important tasks you should regularly perform that will impact how long your carport lasts. 

Clear the Roof

Many people get lazy about clearing their carport’s roof of debris, not realizing there can be hidden dangers. When you allow leaves, nests, cobwebs, and other matter to build up, it can obscure your view of any damage that needs fixing. If the damage lasts too long and spreads, it can become more expensive to fix. Debris can also harbor vermin or pests that can be a risk to your household or will damage your car. 

All you need is a ladder and a long broom to sweep away the dirt. On occasion, you should also consider giving the entire structure a pressure wash to remove ingrained dirt. If you have pipes, drains, and gutters, also make sure to clear them out at least twice a year, especially before and after winter, to avoid water pooling that can lead to corrosion. 

Clean the Ground

This applies to the shaded area where you park your vehicle and the surroundings. Keep the area tidy by regularly sweeping away debris and pulling out weeds. Trim back bushes that can hide pests and scratch your car.

Be wary of oil stains on concrete. Oil products can damage concrete over the long term. They can mix with other matter to create acids which will destabilize the concrete. You can use kitty litter to absorb the oils, sweep it away, or wash using a degreaser, oven cleaner, or powder detergent. 

Trim Trees and Bushes

If you have tree branches over your carport, consider trimming them back. This will reduce the number of leaves that pile on the roof and discourage animal activity. You will also have less to worry about when you need to clean the gutters, drains, and pipes. Branches can also end up scratching and causing other damage when they keep bumping into your carport when there are strong winds. 

Make Repairs

Making repairs should be done as soon as you discover damage to your carport. The longer you wait to deal with the damage, the costlier it will be to fix. Do not just pay attention to the overhead or roof structure; check on the support beams and the concrete slab or whatever ground you park on. 

Fix holes quickly, so they do not open up further with more exposure. If you find peeling paint or rust, try to get rid of the rust and clean thoroughly before priming the area. Creaking sounds may indicate a loose screw so go over all the joints and attachments to ensure everything is well secured.

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