If young children live in the home, then it’s no mystery that they come with a lot of stuff. Between clothes and school supplies, it can be difficult to know where to begin organizing it all. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to keep all of that contained, though; smart solutions can keep a home with kids clutter-free.

Rollable Furniture

Furniture in the home should be functional, but also practical. Tall, heavy pieces that don’t require mobility should be mounted to the wall for ensured security. However, smaller pieces can be quite handy if there are 4 inch caster wheels mounted on them. This way furniture can be moved around to make room for playtime and easy rearranging.

  • Side tables. In a child’s bedroom, a side table can also be a royal tea table or the command center in a spaceship. Give it more flexibility by adding wheels to its feet.
  • Organizational containers. Casters added to those small wooden containers with bins adds new freedom to toy storage. Kids can move the container around the room as they clean up.

Entryway Management

As a high-traffic area, the entryway is prone to congestion. Keep it mess-free by having a “no clutter” system in place.

  • Hang a set of hooks by the door for every member of the family. This way personal effects like backpacks, coats and other items can be hung up and quickly accessed when needed.
  • Have a boot tray nearby where little ones can easily change drop off their muddy or wet boots.
  • Keep a basket nearby for smaller necessities like keys, mail and sunglasses.

Use Baskets

Speaking of baskets, they are a valuable tool for keeping a kid’s room clutter-free. Their diversity is what makes them handy for use all over the bedroom.

  • Use them in kids’ closets and dressers to keep clothes organized, as well as for organizing smaller essentials like socks and underwear. Baskets also encourage good habits when putting away laundry; rather than shoving clothes thoughtlessly into drawers, children must consider where each item is placed.
  • Help small ones get dressed on their own adding pictures showing what’s inside each basket, keeping them at the child’s eye level. They also work as makeshift drawers since they slide so easily.

Adults and kids both can practice maintaining a tidy home by keeping busy areas organized. Once good habits and clever storage solutions are implemented, kids’ clutter doesn’t have to be a problem.


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