Moving house is a tiring and stressful time in anyone’s life. Buying and selling is a time of upheaval and change, so you’ll want to make the move as simple and straightforward as possible. Here are some top tips for a smooth move:

  • Find a dependable conveyancer

Conveyancers who are members of an association have pledged to provide a professional service that ensures a positive experience for their clients. You can find members of the Conveyancing Association on the association’s website.

  • Find a trusted estate agent

A reliable and trustworthy estate agent is a must, especially when seeking updates on the progress of a chain. They are the vital part link that holds the transactions together, speaking to all involved parties and coordinating the processes. Your conveyancer can recommend the best local estate agents in your area. For Conveyancing Quotes, visit a site like

  • Prepare to wait if the property is leasehold

Purchasing or selling a leasehold involves a lot more legal information, so expect the transactions to take longer. You’ll understand the importance of being patient and having your conveyancer check everything has been done properly, as all the financial responsibility for the lease becomes yours on completion of the sale.

  • Ask for weekly updates

It’s a good idea to decide on a set day of each week when your conveyancer will contact you and provide an update. It’s also wise to include your estate agent in this update, so that they can inform all other parties in the chain and keep things coordinated nicely.

  • Code of Conduct

If you become surprised at any point by the way your conveyancer is doing things, remember that they must follow a strict code of conduct, meaning they will need to do certain things in a particular way. These steps are designed with your protection in mind and they could in trouble with their regulator if they don’t do things by the book.

  • Instruct ASAP

You can make great headway by instructing a conveyancer as soon as possible as there’s much to be done in preparation for your big move.

  • Documents

Get all your documents ready as soon as possible to speed up the process and avoid any unnecessary delays. Take your photo ID or passport into your conveyancer early on. If you need to post them, get certified copies to confirm a true likeness at a post office or bank.

  • Sign and return contracts quickly

Should your conveyancer have a query, respond as soon as you can. The same goes for paperwork which should be completed, signed and returned without delay. Your conveyancer cannot exchange contracts until everything is received and sorted.


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