The sustainable storage option: box storage units

Recently, people are more aware of the degrading climate scenarios. Our daily lifestyle habits can bring revolutionary changes aligned with the climatic movement. Thus, in order to pledge for the “going green,” one can adopt box storage units for a sustainable storage facility. This is one of the less harmful ways through which you can safely store your fragile items that incorporate non-environmentally polluting practices. But you may need to gather adequate knowledge while finalizing the storage facility for your delicate items.


The packaging facility is not limited to buying cardboard boxes, but it is way beyond deciding the right boxers that can safely fit your items. Boxes came in multiple sizes and shapes. Thus, making decisions for the right box storage units can be difficult. Thus, let’s find the different types of boxes you can consider according to your convenience. 

  • Cardboard boxes

It is one of the convenient options for storage units. The cardboard boxes can be easily recycled for future use. However, it is not viable for the long-term storage facility. The cardboard boxes are attractive to rodents bugs. This may damage your goods.

  • Specialty boxes

The second-best box storage unit if you want to pack any fragile items. Thai boxers are designed and equipped with the best-protected items. Therefore, it is the most appropriate option if you want to sell your glass articles and dishes. However, these boxes can be expensive but are the best value addition for storage. 


The above meeting points help decide the types of boxes you need to opt for your articles. However, for a detailed evaluation of the storage facility, you will have to have a clear idea about the weight of the articles. By selecting the most appropriate size of the box, you will be able to safely store them. Here are some references to the box sizes for your convenience. 

  • Small boxes

The measurement of the standard size box storage units is roughly about 1.5 cubic feet. This size will be most appropriate for stirring the small year heavy items like books fragile items like glasses. You can divide the weight of the articles for safe delivery. A small box can hold weight up to 60 pounds.

  • Medium boxes

The sizes of the medium box storage units are around 3 cubic feet. They can hold without up to 65 pounds. Such storage units will be best suitable for linens, clothes items, household items, kitchen utensils, etc.

  • Large box

The 4.5 cubic feet boxes will be suitable for large kitchen appliances, lamps, etc. A large box can hold weight up to 70 pounds. 


You can opt for extra-large boxes wardrobe boxes for holding bigger items. But, while finalizing your decision regarding box storage units, first think about the quality, not the quantity of the boxes. You can refer to expert services for stacking your sensitive items wisely. 


Please don’t forget to label each box unit for a convenient storage facility to find the specific item timely.


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