Budget-Friendly Home Remodeling: Stone Countertops

Stone countertops are beautiful additions to any home. Stone’s artistic, beautiful, and a simple installation you can make in your home. Here are some tips for getting started with new stone countertops in your home remodel project.

Benefits of Stone Surfaces

  • Reliable and Durable – stone surfaces offer consistency and are durable through damage. While they require minimal maintenance, you can expect your stone surfaces to last. With this extended usability, you’ll save money in the long term.
  • Customizable – in design, shape, and appliance pairings, stone surfaces are yours to customize. This added versatility allows making your home set apart from the rest far easier.

Why Stone Countertops?

Your kitchen and bathrooms are the lifeblood of your home. They are the most commonly used rooms with the highest traffic from guests in the home. When they pop, it makes all the difference in the first impression for guests. Ask yourself now: what sets my kitchen apart now? Is my bathroom “working?”

If your current surfaces aren’t matching well with your bathroom and kitchen, sometimes some basic stylistic choices will make it easier for you to create a more effective, cohesive look. One of these comes through in pairing with the cabinets of your kitchen and bathroom. Architecture Stones

Pairing Cabinetry with Stone Surfaces

Picking the perfect material will decide if this works or not. Color schemes, quality of surfaces, etc. Everything contributes to the tone and visual aesthetic of the room. The most popular three stone surface materials are:

  • Marble – a classic, beautiful look that requires minimal maintenance. Make a conscious effort to keep your marble countertops clean.
  • Granite – reliable, consistent, and durable. Additionally, granite requires minimal maintenance.
  • Quartz – quartz is a bit more stylized and needs direct attention to make work.

Take a look at some examples of each. Then, you can make a more informed decision on which is best for your home. As you go through this selection process, also consider how the rest of your room’s design will layout with your changes being implemented.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Interior’s Design

Remember, when you are resurfacing your kitchen or bathroom, it’s easy to overwhelm the room’s style. With too much of any one color, or creating a rigid and boring color scheme will minimize your remodeling efforts. Take the time to plan how your material choices will shift the tone of the room, and if they’ll be effective as a whole.

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