Carpets can prove to be either a long term investment or a short term use and throw décor item. It depends on how solemnly one considers its care and maintenance. Interestingly, there is one thing which is common between hydrophobic people and carpets – they both dread excess water. Flooding of water in a carpet lain area can damage the carpet because of excessive moisture. This causes problems like delamination since it weakens the latex which binds the primary and secondary backing of the carpet.

Often, this results in people throwing their water damaged carpets away. However, there are certain water damage restoration methods available. This implies that one’s impulsive decisions can be put on hold, whilst the professionals deal with the restoration of the flood-damaged carpet to its original state.

Water damage restoration tips and warnings

The following points need to be assessed while dealing with water damaged carpet:

  1. Identifying the category of water

If the type of water which is soaked in by the carpet is clean, then restoration is safe and possible. But, in case of contaminated or black water is involved, restoration is not advised to be carried out. This is because, black water contains all kinds of bacteria and contaminants which can be really toxic and hence, not good for one’s health.

  1. Drying the carpet

Wet carpets can be dried using a wet-vacuum. Fans and other dehumidifiers can also be used to help in drying the carpet faster. For better results, however, vacuuming is not enough. And to avoid any kind of adverse effect, professional aid is suggested to be taken.

  1. Padding

The padding usually takes the longest to dry out and in most cases, it is recommended to remove it and throw it away.

  1. Cleaning

After the process of drying is carried out, it is necessary to clean the carpet. More than often, people use bleaches, which is not an appropriate measure to take. For cleaning, the best way possible is to get the work done by certified professionals in order to prevent any unwelcomed contaminants inside the house.

Learn the kind of carpet spread around in your restaurant. Find if there is anything particular that needs to be taken care of. For example, Carpets with long fibers are difficult to clean and need a whole night toil to clean them in comparison to the short fiber ones. Find if your carpets stain easily than the others.

At all the restaurant entrances as well as in between the front house and kitchen install walk-off mats. Thus, the dirt from outside is prevented from coming inside the restaurant. Even the grease from the kitchen gets prevented from getting in the front house area.

As aforementioned, water damage restoration is possible. The availability of remedies for the same has surely made most of the people’s worries wash away in the flood.


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