How To Determine The Size Of Fire Extinguisher You Need For Your Business

A commercial fire extinguisher usually goes unseen and unnoticed until the day it is needed. While it is great that the extinguisher does not distract the eye from the room’s design, not knowing where it is located is a bad sign. Aside from knowing where to find and how to use a fire extinguisher, all businesses must also take into account the right size for their needs.

Fire extinguishers come in all sizes, the needs of a commercial business are different from the needs of a residential home. Here’s how to determine the right commercial fire extinguisher for your place of business:

Reading The Label

There are two classes of extinguishers usually found in commercial businesses. Class A usually has a fire rating between 1 to 40 while Class B extinguishers can be rated anywhere from 1 to 640. Class B is usually the bigger extinguisher type and such fire extinguishers are capable of putting out bigger and more fires.

However, there is another class that is considered less common, Class C. Extinguishers that belong in this class do not have a rating because they are only used to put out electrical fires. Knowing how to read the label will give you a better idea of the extinguisher class that’s best suited for your needs.

Fire Risk Potential

The type of extinguisher required for an office is different from those needed in a commercial kitchen or on a manufacturing floor. Determine the potential of a fire breaking out in the area when choosing an extinguisher. Smaller Class A extinguishers are more than enough for low-risk spaces such as offices but bigger Class B options are better for kitchens where an active fire is a daily occurrence.

Employee Capabilities

When buying fire extinguishers, you also have to consider the employees who will use them in case of emergencies. Not everyone has the strength or capacity to carry and effectively use a 10 pound Class B extinguisher. However, a smaller Class A type can be used by almost everyone.

Remember, even if you invest in a high-capacity extinguisher but no one in the office knows how to use it, it is still useless. It is best to train everyone in the business on how to use the different types of extinguishers beforehand, just in case.

Room Size

Smaller areas do not require a high-capacity fire extinguisher as a small Class A type can put out small fires without trouble. However, in larger rooms with more people, it is best to invest in a bigger extinguisher to ensure that larger fires can be extinguished without any struggle.

Help From The Experts

Even with all the bits of information provided it can still be a hassle to find the right type and size fire extinguishers for a commercial business. Instead of leaving the choice up to chance, consult with a fire prevention expert for more details. They have the right knowledge and expertise that will help you invest in fire extinguishers that will meet your needs while also ensuring the safety of your employees.

A commercial fire extinguisher is an essential fire protection tool if you want to protect your property and employees. Contact Westminster Fire today and let us help you with your fire and life safety products.


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